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Dr. Md Mokbul Hossain

Prof. Dr. Md Mokbul Hossain


Speciality Subject

  • Pharmacology


Academic Qualification

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
MBBS North East Medical College January-2006
M.Phil Pharmacology Shahjalal University of Science and Technology January-2011

Current Academic Role And Resposibilities

  • To Conduct Lecture And Tutorial Classes Of 4th Year MBBS & 2nd Year Dental Students
  • Planing, Evaluating  And Finalized The Course Contents And Examination Schedule
  • Evaluating and grading of Students For Class Work And Examinetion
  • To Set and moderating of question and evaluate answer scripts
  • To conduct Written , Oral and practical examination
  • Maintain of students attendance and performance regards
  •  Activate participate in research works
  • To help and guide department juniors and seniors and maintain into departmental Co-relation
  • To represent departmental meeting, seminars and conference

Subject Currently Teaching

Subject Year/Semister
                 Pharmacology                              4thYear MBBS, 2nd Year BDS


Institute/Org Designation Rule Tenure
             North East Medical College                 Senior Lecture           January  2011 To March 2012
             North East Medical College             Assistant Professor                 13 March To 19.12.2015
             North East Medical College             Associate Professor                26-11-2015 To Still Date


Title Name of Journal Year Of Publications Remarks
Comparative Antihypertensive Efficacy Of Amlodipine And Perindopril.(Original) Journal Of Women’s Medical College Vol-01,No-02,July 2011 Co Author
A Comparative Study On The Effect Of Oral Clindamycin And Azithromycin In The Treatment Of Chornic Acne Vulgaris. (Original) Osmani Medical Teachers Association Journal Vol-12,No-01,July 2013 Main Author
A Clinical Study On Oral Azithromycin In The Treatment Of Chornic Acne Vulgaris. (Original) North East Medical Journal Vol-04,No-01,July 2014 Main Author
Oral Clindamycin  In Chornic Acne Vulgaris. (Original) Journal Of Women’s Medical College Vol-04,No-02,July 2014 Main Author
Effect Of Tamsulosin On Expulsion Of Distal Ureteric Calculas And Relif Of Ureteric Colic Pain. (Original) Journal Of Women’s Medical College Vol-05,No-02,July 2015 Main Author
Use Of Potassium Citrate Restless Leey Syndrome. (Original) Pharmacy And Pharmacology International Journal Vol-04,Issue-4,June-2016 Co Author


Areas Of Interest

  • To do up to date research works
  • Interesting In Doing PHD
  • To earn new  knowledge about new things


  • In IT-MS Word,MS Power Point
  • Teaching and methodology
  • Research work


  • study of amlodipine and perindoprilas antihypertensive.
  • study of clidomycin and azithromycin on Acne vulgaris.
  • study of tanasnlesin on ureteric capcules and pain
  • study of potassium citrate in rest less leg syndrome.

Professional Affiliation & Contribution