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It is essential for any country to review its medical curriculum from time to time in keeping with the rapidly changing and advancing medical science and also to make the medical education need based for the country. Accordingly from 1988-89 session a need based community oriented curriculum has been introduced replacing the old curriculum.

It was felt necessary that it should be further reviewed and improved to make it more community oriented and competency based.

Initially a number of workshops were held with curriculum working group of different disciplines from medical colleges arranged by Centre for Medical Education (CME) and a draft curriculum was produced. Subsequently, in order to make a consensus, decision was taken to hold Review Workshops through active participation of different professional group faculty members.
The revised undergraduate medical curriculum is implemented with the newly admitted students of 2002-2003 sessions. Performance of these students as graduate will speak about the success of this curriculum as community oriented and need-based.

After qualifying and completing the internship training, a medical graduate of Bangladesh should:

Be professionally competent.
Be able to act as a health educator.
Be capable of Continuing education, proceed to higher
education specialization and carryout basic research.
Have leadership qualities to work in the community.
Be able to support and provide Essential Service
Package (ESP)
Be able to help preserve national culture and customs.

The whole MBBS Course has been divided into three periods of study and one year compulsory internship training.

Phase 1. 1st Professional Duration 11/2 years. Term-3 (Each 18 wks )

A. Anatomy
B. Physiology
C. Biochemistry
D. Community medicine.

course composition :
1. Lectures and Review 120 hrs
2. Cell Biology and Histology 60 hrs
(Tutorial and Practical)
3. Dissection, Demonstration