Get Ready... Nemc Day is Coming Soon
Get Ready... Nemc Day is Coming Soon
Get Ready... Nemc Day is Coming Soon
Get Ready... Nemc Day is Coming Soon
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The North East Medical College Hospital (NEMCH) was founded in 1996 through the united efforts of the Northeast Medical Private Ltd. company. The Hospital is a 800-bed patient-friendly, multi-specialty tertiary care Teaching Hospital. The Medical College was established in 1998 and the Nursing Institute and College in 2007 and 2009.


I recently graduated from NEMC and currently enrolled in residency program in the USA. When I went to NEMC from Nepal to become a doctor I was worried about the new culture and academic life. But the friendly environment, excellent teaching staff helped me enjoy my time at NEMC. As my medical college NEMC will be forever in my memory no matter where I go

Dr.Rameela Mahat


NEMC is a place where you will go through structured and hard-core education system which is essential to achieve a successful international medical career.”

Fatema Binte Huda Chowdhury

Speciality Registrar in General Practice Royal Derby Hospital, UK | Ex-NEMCIAN

I graduated from NEMC few years back. I believe that this institution has equipped me with the knowledge and skills required to become a good doctor. My time at the NEMC campus has helped me great deal in becoming a specialist in the field of Endocrinology.

Dr. Yasmin Aktar


Joining NEMC is the best decision I have made. An institute beyond excellence, provides passionate mentors, experts, guidance, multiculture learning and supportive environment aid me to accomplish my dreams.”

Era Phoju

5th year Student

This Institute is one of the forerunners & ethics driven medical school in the country.  Excellent faculties with small number of students per group allocated with specific group teacher for tutorials equipped students with fundamental understanding of the basic and clinical medical sciences

Dr. Rahat Chowdhury


Events & News

নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজ এর এমবিবিএস ২৭তম ব্যাচের প্রথম ফেইজ এর নবীনবরণ অনুষ্ঠিত

নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজ এর এমবিবিএস ২৭তম ব্যাচ প্রথম ফেইজ এর নবীনবরণ অনুষ্ঠানে প্রধান অতিথির বক্তব্যে নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজ...
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An Interactive session of the 4th phase of the Teaching Methodology & Assessment Training Program.

The 4th phase of the Teaching Methodology & Assessment Training Program North East Medical College and Dental Unit held today,...
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*North East Medical College Plants Trees for a Greener Future*

North East Medical Pvt. Ltd. organized a tree plantation drive on May 23, 2024, led by respected members of the...
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নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজে ব্যাতিক্রমী আয়োজনে প্রথম ফ্রুট ফেস্টিভাল ২০২৪ অনুষ্টিত।

নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজ কর্তৃক একটি ব্যাতিক্রমী আয়োজনে প্রথম ফ্রুট ফেস্টিভাল ২০২৪ সোমবার (২০ মে) অনুষ্টিত হয়েছে। ফেস্টিভালে নর্থ ইষ্ট...
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The 7th Governing Body Meeting of North East Medical College held on Today (18.05.2024) at 10.00 AM in the Conference Hall of North East Medical College, South Surma, Sylhet.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Afzal Miah, Chairman, Governing Body North East Medical College. Presided over the meeting. The Representative of Sylhet...
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ডেন্টাল ইউনিটের ওরাল এন্ড ম্যাক্সিলোফেসিয়াল বিভাগের কেইস প্রেজেন্টেশন ।

একজন রোগী, নাম আজগর আলী বয়স ৬৫ বছর , বাড়ি হবিগন্জ, গত ২১/৩/২০২৪ ইং তারিখে নর্থ ইষ্ট মেডিকেল কলেজ ডেন্টাল...
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