Prof. Dr. Meer Mahbubul Alam

Meer Mahbubul Alam


Speciality Subject

  • General Surgery


  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Urology
  • Laparoscopic Surgery  (i) Basic (ii)Advance

Academic Qualification

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
MBBS Nil Mymensingh Medical College         1976
FCPS Surgery Bangladesh College Of Physicians And Surgeons         1983

Current Academic Role And Resposibilities

  • Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate of surgery.
  • Training postgraduate  doctors.
  • Conduct undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Ensure surgical care of surgical patient including operations.
  • Ensure quality medical education through quality assurance committee.
  • Ensure faculty development
  • Acts as academic coordination of institute.

Subject Currently Teaching

Subject Year/Semister
General Surgery III
General Surgery IV


Institute/Org Designation Role & Response Tenure
SOMC HMO Jan 2005 To June 2005
NEMC IMO Sep 2005 To June 2006
NEMC Registrar July 2006 To Dec 2014
NEMC Assistant Professor Jan 2015 To Still Date


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Research And Medical Education

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Other Publication

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Areas Of Interest

  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Endo Urology
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Medical Education
  • Research Methodology


  • General Surgery
  • Research Methodology
  • Teaching Technology
  • Quality Assurance


  • 39 (Thirty Nine Academic Publication In Medical Journal, 5(Five) Publications In Souvenirs And 03(Three Text b).

Professional Affiliation & Contribution

Professional Affiliations:

  • Life Member Bangladesh Medical Association
  • Life Member Sylhet Medical Association
  • Life Member Of Bangladesh College Of Physicians And Surgeons
  • Life Member Of Society Of Surgeons Of Bangladesh
  • Life Member  Society Of Laparoscopy Of Bangladesh
  • Life Member Of Teacher Association Of Rajshahi Medical College
  • Life Member Of Teacher Association Of Sylhet Medical College
  • Member Of Royal Society Of Health, London
  • Fellow Of International College Of Surgeons. America
  • Fellow Pakistan College Of Physicians And Surgeons.

Affiliations to Social Organizations:

  1. Past President rotary club of jalalabad.
  2. Life member of Jalalabad Disabled Rehabilitation center.
  3. Vice president dornity daman Protiroth committee, sylhet district.
  4. Vice President, Sylhet Samaj Kallayan Sanhtha.

Affiliations To Social Organizations

  • Past President Rotary Club Of Jalalabad Jalalabad
  • Life Member Of Jalalabad Disabled Rehabilitation Center
  • Vice President Dornity Daman Pratirodh Committee, Sylhet District
  • Vice President, Sylhet Samaj Kallyan Sanhtha

Contribute To Medical Education

  • Contribution To Development  Of Internship Logbook
  • Contribution To Hospital Improvement Initiatives
  • Contribution To Develop Community Based Medical Curriculam

Other Members