Dr. A.A.M Shazzadur Rahman


Associates Professor

Speciality Subject

  • Research Methods.
  • Current Clinical Challenges in Tropical Medicine.
  • HIV in Resource Limited Settings.
  • Medical Bacteriology.
  • Key Concepts in Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  • Development of a disease Control Program .
  • Systematic Reviews for Policy and Practice.
  • Statistical Methods for Epidemiological  and clinical research.
  • Research Project with Defense.
  • Special Subject: Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Forensic Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Community Medicine and Internship.



  • Acute General Internal Medicine, RCPE, UK(CPD-33).
  • Continual Medical Education(CME), NEMCH, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Academic Qualification

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
MBBS Medicine/Surgery/Gynae Khulna Medical College, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 2001
MSC  Tropical And Infectious Diseases Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool, UK 2014-2015

Current Academic Role And Resposibilities

Indicators Responsibilities Remarks
  • Preparation and Delivery Lectures according to lesson plan.
  • Conduct tutorials and Practical classes.
  • Demonstration, workshops, field work excursions, studio sessions.
  • Supervision of students in health training and internship.
  • Clinical Assessment & Consultation with patients.
  • Development and promotion of innovative teaching methods.
  • Production of teaching materials for students for whom the academic has responsibility.
Assigned Task
Research and Scholarship
  • Apply research grant conduct research.
  • Present research findings in conference/seminars.
  • Publish research findings in journals.
  • Conduct short courses conduct special program.
Assigned Task
Service Academic Leadership

  • Development of learning & innovations.
  • Course/Laboratory coordinator, Academic Adviser to students.
  • Member of committees at department/faculty levels.
  • Providing advice and guidance(mentor) to junior academic staff.
  • Liaison at department/ faculty committee work.
  • Attendance at departmental or faculty meetings.

Assigned Tasks

 Service Professional Leadership

  • Significant contribution to profession and /or discipline
  • Executive member of relevant professional body.
  • Reviewers/ Editors of manuscripts of journals
  • Collaboration with other institutions.

Assigned Tasks

 Service Other services to the society

  • Member of Medical  Societies
  • Representing social affiliation, and community services.
  • Collaboration with other institutions, Community Rapport building

Assigned Tasks

Subject Currently Teaching

Subject Phase Year/Semester
Tropical and Infectious Diseases          4th
General Internal Medicine          4th


Institute/Org Designation
Role & Response
From To Total
NEMC Associate Professor Teaching & Research, and Clinical Management (OPD & In-Patients) June 2020 Till date continue
NEMC Deputy Director Administration and assigned tasks May 2020 Till date continu
NEMC Assistant Professor Teaching & Research and Clinical Management (OPD & In-Patients) July 2017 May 2017 3 Years
NEMC Resident Physician Administration and OPD March 2016 July 2017 1Years







       Authors          Name of Journal           Year        Types  of         Publication        Original
Discovery of Coronavirus with Innovative Technology Md Rahimullah Miah, AAM Shazzadur Rahman, Jorin Tasnim Parisa, Mohammad Abdul Hannan, Md Shahariar Khan, Alamgir Adil Samdany, Alexander Kiew Sayok, Shahriar Hussain Chowdhury. Science and Technology,

 11 No. 1, 2021, pp. 7-29.

DOI: 10.5923/j.scit.20211101.02

 2021 International.

Available at URL:

Click to View

Processed Radio Frequency towards Pancreas Enhancing the Deadly Diabetes Worldwide. Md. Rahimullah Miah, Mohammad Abdul Hannan, AAM Shazzadur Rahman, Md. Shahariar Khan, Md Mokbul Hossain, Ishrat Tasnim Rahman, Md. Sabbir Hossain, Chowdhury Shadman Shahriar, Mohammad Basir Uddin, Mohammad Taimur Hossain Talukdar, Mohammad Shamsul Alam, S.A.M. Imran Hossain, Alamgir Adil Samdany, Shahriar Hussain Chowdhury, Alexander KiewSayok.  Journal of Endocrinology

Research, 3(1), 1-20.

    2021 International.

Available at URL:

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Effect of Coronavirus Worldwide through Misusing of Wireless Sensor Networks Md. Rahimullah Miah, AAM Shazzadur Rahman, Md. Shahariar Khan, Mohammad Abdul Hannan, Md. Sabbir Hossain, Chowdhury Shadman Shahriar, S. A. M. Imran Hossain, Mohammad Taimur Hossain Talukdar, Alamgir Adil Samdany, Mohammad Shamsul Alam, Mohammad Basir Uddin, Alexander KiewSayok, Shahriar Hussain Chowdhury American Journal of

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 2021 International Journal.

Available at URL:

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Critical Appraisal of a Research report of Student Perceptions and Understanding of Client-Therapist Interactions within the Inpatient Acute Care Environment: Qualitative Study. AAM Shazzadur Rahman. Journal of Biomedical and Allied Research 2019 Critical Appraisal, doi:10.37191/map sci-2582-4937-1(1)-001 Google Scholar, Researchgate
Quinolone Resistant and Susceptibility mechanism in Salmonella Typhi ; Epidemiology and clinical significance- a review AAM Shazzadur Rahman North East Medical Journal 2018 Short Review Google Scholar
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Areas Of Interest

  • Areas of interest:

Tuberculosis and other Respiratory infections, Malaria, Antibiotic Resistance, HIV, Sepsis and other infectious diseases.



  •  Infectious  diseases and Tropical Medicine.


-Reviewer, Journal of Biomedical and Allied Research, Canada.

-Reviewer, National Abstract Competition 2019, American College of Physicians (ACP)

-Member Secretary, Research Cell, Northeast Medical College, Bangladesh

-Member, Editorial Board, NEM Journal, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Professional Affiliation & Contribution

  1. Member, ACP (03693742)-2019- American College of Physicians, USA.
  2. Member, RCPE (268940 )-2019- Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, UK.
  3. Member, BSITD-2019- Bangladesh Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.
  4. Member, BMA-2016- Bangladesh Medical Association.
  5. Member, ORCID, USA (ID:
  6. Member, SCOPUS, USA-2019 (ID: 57205373426).
  7. Web of Science Researcher IDAAT-8813-2020.
  8. Member, Google Scholar (Link: )


Contributions: To contribute on annual programs, conferences, seminars and webinar.


Other Members