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At North East Medical College and Hospital, we are dedicated to shaping the future of medical excellence through comprehensive education and hands-on training. As part of our commitment to fostering professional growth and development, we are thrilled to introduce our initiative focused on providing valuable training experiences for doctors aspiring to pursue specialized postgraduate studies.

Practical Experience: Key to Postgraduate Success

Recognizing the pivotal role that real-world experience plays in preparing medical professionals for specialized postgraduate studies, such as FCPA, MRCP CH, MRCS, MRCOG, or MRCP, we ensure that our students receive hands-on training at North East Medical College and Hospital. Through our collaboration with the esteemed Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS), the work experience gained by doctors at our hospital is officially recognized as valuable training, fulfilling the requirements necessary for completing postgraduate studies

Fostering Professional Growth and Leadership

In our dynamic learning environment at North East Medical College and Hospital, everyclinical encounter, procedure, and patient interaction contributes to the professionaldevelopment of our doctors. By providing access to resources and expertise, weempower them to thrive, excel, and emerge as leaders in their respective fields,equipped to address the evolving challenges of modern medicine

Vital Metrics: A Closer Look at North East Medical College and Hospital

Explore the numbers and discover the remarkable achievements of our students and

graduates as they embark on their journey towards excellence in healthcare

  • Admitted Students: 2324
  • Bangladeshi: 1747
  • Foreigner: 577
  • Graduate Doctors: 1546
  • Bangladesh: 1301
  • Foreigner: 245
  • BCS Cadre: 126
  • Completed Post Graduation Degree: 157
  • Post Graduate Students: 189
  • Service in Other Countries: 186
  • Doctors Passed PLAB in UK: 61
  • Doctors Passed USMLE in USA: 27


Join us at North East Medical College and Hospital as we embark on a journey towards a

promising future for our medical professionals, elevating medical education and redefining

healthcare standards for the benefit of individuals and communities