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A team from Oxford Policy Management (OPM) visited North East Medical College today on 17.10.19. The team consists of two members Prof. Michael Niechzial and Dr. Muhammod Abdus Sabur.

‘Identifying the scope for technical assistance on improving quality of Medical Education and Regulations in Bangladesh‘‘

Oxford Policy Management (OPM)is working with a team of national and international experts to prepare the terms of reference for a technical assistance mission aiming at improving the structure, regulatory framework, and quality of medical education offered to train health care professionals at different (graduate and diploma) levels.The core objective of the study is to provide a concept and recommendations to the MOHFW and DFID on the scope and content of a Technical Assistance mission that in the framework of the Fourth Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Programme (HPNSP 2017-2022) to assist the Government of Bangladesh with the design and implementation of a comprehensive reform of the medical education system considering needs and demands expressed by all stakeholders, as well as international standards, global trends in medical education, and health system requirements.Both of the distinguished guests have discussed various topics regarding quality of medical education in Bangladesh with the authority and faculty members of NEMCH. After that, they visited some Basic and Clinical departments of North East Medial College and Hospital.