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The Department of Community Medicine was established in 1998. Our educational endeavours include teaching undergraduate medical students during their 1st year and 3rd year MBBS course .A well structured curriculum for the undergraduate students is followed by us which disseminate the knowledge regarding following subjects.


  • Health education.
  • Primary Health Care.
  • Disease prevention and control strategies including vector control.
  • Family planning including different contraceptive methods.
  • Different aspect of environmental health.
  • Provides idea regarding national & international health organization.
  • Food and nutritional deficiency diseases.
  • Communicable and non communicable diseases.
  • Community Health Research.
  • Residential field site training program.
  • Study tour.
  • Visiting of government and non government organization related to public health interest (Day Visit).
  • Integrated teaching program in collaboration with other related departments of the college.


Prof. Dr. Tanusree Sarkar

Professor(CC)  Full Time

Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Khalique Barbhuiya

Professor & Ex-Head of the Dept.  Part Time

Prof. Dr. Satya Ranjan Roy

Professor (CC)  Part Time

Dr. Md. Akhtar-Uz-Zaman

Assoc. Professor(CC)  Full Time

Dr. Farjana Siraj Shorna

Assistant Professor Full Time

Dr. Shamrat Adnan Chowdhury

Senior Lecturer  Deputation

Dr. Azaz Uddin Ahmed Sane

Senior Lecturer  Full Time



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