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Proper Nutrition & Good Food is an important part of a healthy Life. Our diet combine with healthy life style can help us maintain a healthy life and reduce risks of many diseases.    Nutrition now plays a major role in diseases prevention and management. The knowledge of good Nutrition is important for all walks of life, while the implementation of the knowledge is as important as the knowledge itself .Therapeutic diet is a meal plan that controls the intake at certain foods or nutrients. It is a part of the treatment at a medical condition.


Therapeutic diets for:

  • Diabetic Patients, GDM
  • Patients with CKD, (According to stage), AKI, Before & After dialysis diet.
  • Liver Diseases/ Hepatic diet.
  • Cardiac diseases diet plan.
  • Carcinoma diet plan (According to treatment).
  • Celiac disease (Gluten free) diet.
  • IBD, IBS, PUD diet.
  • Tube feeding.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Low purine (Gout disease) diet.


Balanced diet Plan for:

  • Children to Elder persons
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation etc.


Special diet Plan For:

  • Overweight & Underweight persons.