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Mission Vision & Values

Our Vision: Our vision for the future of North East Medical College & Hospital, aligns with our commitment to provide exceptional medical education and healthcare services to the community .

Our vision encompasses several key elements: 

Excellence in Medical Education: We aspire to create an academic environment that fosters innovation, research, and the highest standards of medical education. By attracting renowned faculty and implementing modern teaching methods, we aim to produce, skilled and compassionate medical professionals who will contribute significantly to the healthcare sector. 

Cutting-edge Healthcare Services: Our goal is to establish North East Medical College & Hospital as a center of excellence in healthcare delivery. We invest in state-of-the art medical technology, infrastructure, and facilities to offer a wide range of medical services, including specialized treatment and advanced diagnostics. 

Patient-Centered Care: At the focus of our vision is the well-being of our patients. We are committed to provide patient-centered care that prioritizes empathy, compassion, and respect. Every patient will receive personalized attention, and we will continuously strive to improve patient experiences and outcomes. 

Community Engagement: We recognize the importance of actively engaging with the local community. We organize health camps, awareness programs, and initiatives to address prevalent health issues and promote preventive care. By forging strong ties with the community, we aim to have a positive and lasting impact on public health. 

Research and Innovation: North East Medical College & Hospital will encourages research that advances medical knowledge and leads to breakthroughs in healthcare. Our vision includes establishing collaborative partnerships with research institutions, both nationally and internationally, to drive medical innovation and contribute to the global body of knowledge.

Professional Development: We are dedicated to nurturing a culture of continuous learning and professional development. Our medical staff have access to training programs, workshops, and conferences that enhance their skills and keep them updated with the latest medical advancements.  

Ethical and Transparent Practices: Upholding the highest ethical standards is nonnegotiable to us. We maintain transparency in our operations, ensuring accountability and building trust among patients, staff, and stakeholders.

Establishment of a Health City: Our final goal is to establish a world class health city for the people of Bangladesh. We already have managed to build up a cancer hospital, nursing college, dental unit, institution of health technology, Dialysis unit, Infertility care center, Cath-lab, ICU, CCU and NICU. We have undertaken steps to start the first stem cell transplantation, kidney transplantation and liver transplantation center in Sylhet. We are continuously working together with full of our effort to gift a complete health solution to the people of Bangladesh as North East Health City. 

In pursuit of this vision, we aim to work tirelessly to transform North East Medical College & Hospital into a beacon of medical excellence, compassion. We welcome your support and collaboration as we embark on this transformative journey.