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The Department of Microbiology at NEMCH was founded in 1998 and is located at the fourth and fifth floor of the Academic Building. With a passionate team of teachers, this department is an example of quality teaching and practical learning. The students are expected to excel in all the branches of microbiology including theoretical, practical and oral examination to become a good physician in future.

Microbiology is a subject of vital importance for medical students as its’ knowledge is necessary for making good diagnosis and treatment for all infectious disease as well as immunological disease. Also, most of the major disease outbreaks that are causing great human suffering for centuries including plague, influenza, AIDS and recently Ebola are the topics of microbiology.



  • Teaching MBBS students.
  • Teacher-Guardian Program for MBBS Students
  • Guiding and supporting for post-graduate courses.
  • Integrated teaching practice in MBBS curriculum
  • 24x7 emergency laboratory services.
  • Teaching Microbiology for BDS course students.
  • Teaching Microbiology courses for BSc Nursing and Diploma of Nursing courses.
  • Conducting practical classes for MBBS,BDS and Nursing students.
  • Taking classes of the students of Health Technology on laboratory science.
  • Arranging seminars on latest updates on microbiology.



  • Under graduate and post-graduate teaching
  • Microbiological testing
  • Culture
  • Staining
  • Antibiotic sensitivity test
  • Microbiological testing of all kind of human specimen including stool and urine microscopy.
  • Viral testing
  • PCR
  • Blood culture using BACTEC-40 automated machine
  • Parasitological testing
  • Immunology
  • Community awareness on antimicrobial resistance
  • Lab based teaching
  • Student hand-on projects


Prof. Dr. Avijit Das

Professor & Head of the Department. Full Time

Dr. Fahmi Iqbal Rabbi

Associate Professor Full Time

Dr. Mohammod Kamrul Islam

Assistant Professor (C.C)  Full Time

Dr. Uchwas Ghosh

Lecturer Full Time

Dr. Nadia Nawar

Lecturer  Full Time

Dr. A.F.M. Abdullah

Lecturer  Full Time

Dr. Ruksana Laskor

Lecturer  Full Time

Dr. Wajiha Habib

Lecturer  Full Time

Dr. Marzana Mazumdar

Lecturer  Full Time













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