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Rest In Peace, Dear Doctor Md. Towhid-Ur-Rashid Chowdhury

Life is precious, indeed. For those dedicated to saving it, like Dr. Towhid, it feels even more fleeting. The news of his sudden passing by road accident leaves a painful void.
Dr. Towhid’s devotion to his patients extended far beyond the clinic walls. He was a pillar of care and compassion, and his absence will be deeply felt by countless individuals. While we mourn his loss, we must also turn our anger towards the root cause – the lack of safety on our roads.
Death by traffic accident is not acceptable. We, Dr. Towhid’s colleagues and loved ones, demand better. We demand safe roads, free from reckless driving and inadequate infrastructure. We demand an environment where our loved ones can live and return home without fear.
Let Dr. Towhid’s memory be a catalyst for change. Let us honor him by fighting for the safety he deserves. Share this message, demand action, and join us in making our roads and communities safer for everyone.
Together, we can keep Dr. Towhid’s spirit alive through the positive change we create. Rest in peace, dear doctor.

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