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In recent Health Fair 2023 Departments of Biochemistry .

In recent Health Fair 2023 all departments of North East Medical College actively participated with exclusive stalls.These stalls are designed and decorated magnificently by our own students.
Like other departments Biochemistry department had a beautifully decorated stall where they displayed their work and engaged the participants. The stall was equipped with informative posters, banners, instruments and displays related to biochemistry.The Department also conducts hands-on demonstrations to illustrate various biochemical procedures.
Besides, the fair was open for all and students from various colleges came to visit, they were highly amused to have the golden opportunity to witness the magic of medical scienc.
Moreover this health fair provides a platform to educate, engage & inspire the participants to explore the fascinating world of medical discipline.
The Department of Biochemistry is adorned with well qualified, competent, passionate teaching panel.
Teaching panel include Prof. Dr. Syeda Umme Fahmida Malik (Head of the Department),
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamrul Husain Azad,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Begum Nazumus Sama Shimu,
Asstt. Prof. Dr. Mushfika Rahman Chowdhury,
Asstt. Prof. Dr. Umme Asma Mridha,
Asstt. Prof. Dr. Smita Roy,
Dr. Joytosh Deb joy, Dr. AKM Ikramul Islam Rofy, Dr. Mohsin Ahmad Kamran

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