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Integrated Teaching Session on Tuberculosis: A Comprehensive Approach to Combat the Disease.


On 11th June 2023, an enlightening and integrative teaching session on tuberculosis (TB) took place at the Fahim Gallery, North East Medical College. This session aimed to enhance the understanding of TB and its management among healthcare professionals and medical students. The event brought together esteemed experts from various medical disciplines to deliver informative presentations and engage in interactive discussions. Let’s delve into the details of this impactful session.

Session Presenters:

The first session was presented by Dr. Md. Abdul Gafur, Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Gafur’s presentation shed light on the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostic techniques, and treatment approaches for TB. He emphasized the importance of early detection and prompt initiation of appropriate treatment to prevent the spread of this infectious disease.

The second session was led by Prof. Dr. Jasim Uddin from the Department of Surgery. Dr. Uddin discussed the surgical aspects of TB, including the role of surgical interventions in cases of drug-resistant TB and complications such as pleural effusion and abscess formation. His presentation highlighted the collaborative efforts required between medical and surgical specialties to effectively manage TB cases.

Prof. Dr. Nahid Elora, Professor, and Head of the Department of Gynae & Obstetrics, conducted the third session. Dr. Elora addressed the unique challenges posed by Genital TB during reproductive life and its potential impact. She emphasized the importance of screening, diagnosis, and appropriate management of TB in women to ensure optimal health.

The fourth session, led by Dr. Sultana Begum, Associate Professor, and Head of the Department of Pediatrics, focused on childhood TB. Dr. Begum discussed the clinical presentation, diagnostic methods, and treatment guidelines for pediatric TB cases. She emphasized the need for early identification, timely treatment, and comprehensive care for children affected by TB.

Dr. Azharul Islam Rana, Assistant Professor in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, conducted the subsequent session. Dr. Rana highlighted the significance of recognizing and managing TB infections in the head and neck region, including the larynx, pharynx, and lymph nodes. His presentation emphasized the multidisciplinary approach required for the diagnosis and treatment of such cases.

Question and Answer Session:

Following the presentations, a question and answer session allowed attendees to seek further clarification and engage in insightful discussions with the presenters. This interactive segment provided a platform for knowledge-sharing and the exchange of experiences related to TB management.


The session concluded with closing remarks from Prof. Dr. A.F.M Nazmul Islam, honourable Vice Principal, and Head of the Department of Medicine, expressing gratitude to the presenters and emphasizing the importance of such integrated efforts in combating tuberculosis.

By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge-sharing, this session aimed to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools and insights to effectively diagnose, manage, and prevent the spread of tuberculosis. It is hoped that the knowledge gained from this session will lead to improved TB control strategies, ultimately reducing the burden of this global health concern.

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