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On 20th September 2023, NEMC batch-24 set out on a study tour to Cox’s Bazar

On 20th September 2023, NEMC batch-24 set out on a study tour to Cox’s Bazar from the department of Community Medicine, accompanied by the respected teachers:
1. Prof. Dr Tanusree Sarker, head of the department of Community Medicine, NEMC
2. Associate Prof. Dr. Md Akhtar-Uz-Zaman Fuad
3. Assistant Prof. Dr Farjana Siraj Shorna
4. Senior Lecturer Dr. Azaz Uddin Ahmed Sany
5. Lecturer Dr. Nahian Ibn Samad
The journey to Cox’s Bazar was nothing short of a magical odyssey, where the shores of this breathtaking destination became the canvas for an adventure. With friends and teachers by side, every moment was etched in the annals of the students’ memory, painted with the vibrant hues of fellowship, learning, and laughter.
As the sun broke the dawn on the second day, students embarked on a voyage of discovery to the Cox’s Bazar Medical College, each mile of the road bringing them closer to the promise of endless beaches and boundless horizons.
The days were filled with exploration, as the students ventured to Inani beach, where rhythmic crashing of waves welcomed them, and gazed upon the mesmerizing Himchari Waterfall. With the teachers as guides, every step was a learning experience, every vista a living lesson in geography, biology, environment and community science.
There was also a cultural evening where extracurricular potentials of the students were unveiled. With the amazing view of moonlit night and the symphony of the sea as backdrop, they had grand dinner together as a batch and forged bonds that would last a life time.
The study trip wasn’t just about education; it was about nurturing a love for nature, fostering friendships, and igniting a curiosity that would guide the students in their academic pursuits.
As the students bid farewell to Cox’s Bazar, they carried with them not just sand in their shoes but a treasure trove of memories that would forever be etched in their hearts. The study trip had transformed into an adventure of a lifetime, and the lessons they learned extended far beyond the classroom.


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