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World CML Day

The aim of this day will be to raise awareness about #CML, in support of patients and their families. There’s a new theme for World CML Day each year, but education, awareness and support continues to be at the forefront.
The purpose of World #CML Day is to raise awareness of this type of cancer and to discuss the effects it has on sufferers and their families. A key component of this campaign is educating the general public about the symptoms and indicators of chronic myelogenous leukaemia as well as the various potential treatments. Additionally, it offers a chance to draw attention to the issues #CML patients encounter, including access to healthcare, stigma, and financial hardships.
Besides raising #awareness of #CML, #worldcml Day also celebrates its progress in treating the disease. As a result of advances in medicine and the development of new therapies, many people with #CML are living long and healthy lives. In spite of that, much work remains to be done to discover a cure.
#World #CML #Day not only raises awareness of the condition but also recognises medical advancements in CML treatment. Many patients with #CML are enjoying long and healthy lives as a consequence of medical advancements and the creation of new medicines. Despite this, there is still a lot of research to be done to find a cure.

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