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Dr.Hamida Khatun

Professor Anatomy

Speciality Subject

  • Anatomy


Academic Qualification

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
MBBS Comilla Medical College,Comilla 2000
M.Phil Anatomy Shahjalal University of Science and Technology 2006

Current Academic Role And Resposibilities

  • Acting As a 1st phase Co-Ordinator
  • Maintain Monthly Meeting Between Different Subjects Co-Ordinator
  • Finalize The List Of 1st Prof Examinee
  • Fix The Date Of Three Term And Supplementary Term Final Exams
  • Make The Class Routine
  • Acting As a Head Of The Dept Of Anatomy,M.B.B.s Course
  • Preparing The Academic Calendar
  • Conducting Two Professional And Six Card Final Exams
  • Preparing Questionnaires And Checking Answer-Scripts
  • Taking Regular And Special classes Of Students
  • Attanding The Meeting In Dean Office
  • Discussion Of Class Topics With Lecturers
  • Acting As a Head Of The Dept Of Anatomy, BDS Course
  • Conducting  Two Professional Exams in a Year
  • Conducting Two Term Final And Card Final Exams And  Preparing Questionnaires and Checking Answer-Scripts
  • Acting As a Head Of The Dept Of Anatomy, BSC In Nursing Course
  • Conducting The University Exams And
  • Taking Regular And Special Classes
  • Acting As An Assistant Hostel Super
  • Discharging Extra-Academic Responsibilities Requested By the Administration (ES-Fresher Reception, Pohela Boishakh Celebration E.T.C)

Subject Currently Teaching

Subject Subject Code Year/Semister
Lecture-Class 1st Year MBBS
Lecture-Class 2nd Year MBBS
Lecture-Class 1st Year BDS
Lecture-Class 1st Year B.S.C in Nursing
Practical-Class 2nd Year MBBS
Practical-Class 1st Year BDS
Practical-Class 1st Year B.S.C in Nursing


Title Subject Name of Journal Year
Morhological Study Of the Kidney IN
Relation To Age
Anatomy Bangladesh Journal
Of Anatomy
2009 (Jan)
Renal Arterial Patter Anatomy Sylhet Medical Journal 2007(Dec)
Arrangement of the
structure at the renal hilus
Anatomy Sylhet Medical Journal 2009(June)
Renal Corpuscle a
Post Mortem Study
Anatomy NEMJ 2014(July)
Dual Anterior
Interventricular Artery
Anatomy Bangladesh Journal
Of Anatomy


Institute/Org Designation Role & Response Tenure
NEMC Lecturer 2001-2005
NEMC Assistant Professor 2006-2010
NEMC Associate Professor 2011-2014
NEMC Professor(c.c) 2015-Now

Areas Of Interest

  • Stem Cell


  • Trained On Teaching Methodology
  • Took Part In Developing The Course And Curriculum Of Anatomy


  • Morphological Study Of Kidney In Relation To Age : Bangladesh Journal Of Anatomy,vol-7,2009
  • Renal Arterial Pattern Form Autopsied Sample : Sylhet Medical Journal, 30(2), 2007
  • Arrangement Of The Structures  At The Renal  Hilus : Sylhet Medical Journal, 32(1), 2009
  • Renal Corpuscle-a Post Mortem Study : NEMJ,4(2),2014
  • Dual Anterior Interventricular Arte ry-a Post Mortem Study  : Bangladesh Journal Of Anatomy,6,2008

Professional Affiliation & Contribution

  • M.B.B.S Phase Co-Ordinator,Departmental Head And Professor (c.c) Of Anatomy
  • A Member Of Anatomical Socicty Of Bangladesh
  • A Member Of B.M.A
  • Asst Hostel Super Of North East Medical College Girls Hostel
  • Founder Member Of Medicine Club, Comilla Medical College,Comilla